Dear valued member of the velodrome,

Since being appointed the event center manager at the velodrome five months ago, I've been working to improve programming, operations and marketing for the facility. As 2011 comes to a close, I'd like to share with you a summary of the progress we've made, and our vision for the new year and beyond.

To date, we have improved the information provided to our members through The Home Depot Center website, made improvements to the track surface by repairs to the apron, and have increased programming and access to ride the track. These steps are in an effort to make the track a more inviting, safe, and enjoyable experience for our cycling community.

The next phase of facility improvement is the implementation of a membership operational model, similar to a health club or gym. This new model will better serve our membership by:

  • Providing annual and monthly membership options (with the ability to pay-per-ride)
  • The convenience of credit card and automatic payment options
  • Online class sign up and account management
  • Increased programming and classes
  • Access to gym equipment during cycling-specific strength classes

As part of the new model, there will be new payment options for access to the track by becoming a member of the velodrome. Membership will be inclusive of all track time costs and prices will be based upon the current annual pass cost. A separate email will be forthcoming to detail the payment options.

In addition to the new membership model, we will begin construction of an improved velodrome lobby in the next few weeks, complete with a front desk that will serve as the check-in point for access to the velodrome, and will provide a welcome greeting to our facility.

Off the track, I'm working with members of our community to develop a new weekly race series that will take place throughout the year, in the spirit of offering more frequent and timely race opportunities. To see through the adoption of this new racing structure, we are calling on interested members of our track to involve themselves as officers of a re-vamped LAVRA. If you have interest in contributing to LAVRA in this capacity, please contact me.

In closing, I'm pleased to report that I'm humbled by the positive feedback I have received in the last several weeks. I am ecstatic to continue to improve the velodrome, and ultimately, provide added benefit to our members, while ensuring the longevity of our facility as the only world-class velodrome in North America. I thank every one of our members for your continued commitment to the velodrome and I look forward to seeing you at the track.


Adam Duvendeck